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Project Title: Raising Public Awareness on Solid Municipal Waste Management in the North-West of the Black Sea Region

Short title: Less Waste in the North-West

Location: Republic of Moldova, Galati County - Romania, Burgas District - Bulgaria, Odessa Region Ukraine.

Duration: 18 months

Project leader: Regional Environmental Centre Moldova (REC Moldova)

Partners: Eco Counselling Centre Galati, Romania, Europe and We Association, Bulgaria, Ecological Counseling Center Cahul, Republic of Moldova , Public Association Cutezatorul, Republic of Moldova.

Total funds: 444 529. 46 EUR

Poor waste management is one of the priority environmental problems in the countries of the Black Sea region, especially in the former ex-soviet countries. Romania and Bulgaria have made some progress in this field being obliged to do this during the accession to the European Union but at the regional and local level still there are a lot of problems.

The waste is and will be an important source of environmental pollution in the Black Sea region until the moment when concrete measures of establishing an adequate waste management system, including the promotion of separate collection of solid municipal waste, are undertaken. Some of these problems could be solved without major investments by educating population and promoting different best practices.

The project concept Raising Public Awareness on Solid Municipal Waste Management in the North-West of the Black Sea Region is perfectly complying within the objectives of the Moldovas National Programme for Recovery of Waste, approved through Government Decision No. 606 of 28.06.00. The National Programme is a first trial of approaching and suggesting solutions for waste management problems, though it had been adopted before the elaboration by the European Commission of the Methodological Guide for the elaboration of Waste Management Plans.

The overall objective of the project is to achieve stronger regional partnerships and cooperation. By doing so, the project aims to contribute to its key wider objective: a stronger and more sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin.

The specific objective of the project are:

- To reduce the volume of solid waste at landfills in project target regions

- Improvement of the state of environment in the project target regions

This objective will be achieved by promoting separate collection of the solid municipal waste and educational activities of the project target groups and final beneficiaries:

  • Local public administration and public entities
  • Educational institutions (universities and schools)
  • Specialized entities responsible for waste management
  • Farmers

The project has an environmental protection orientation and will offer equal opportunities for all beneficiaries. The action provided by this Project has direct links to almost all policies and strategies implemented in the Black Sea Basin, oriented at achieving stronger regional partnerships and cooperation in sustainable development of the region, pollution reduction and biodiversity conservation.

The results of the project are the following:

- Guide on best practices in SMW management in 4 languages of the Black Sea region countries

- Brochures on separate collection of SMW and organic waste composting

- Posters on SMW management

- Maps developed with the illegal waste dumps for Moldova (Prut river valley), Galati county of Romania (Prut and Chineja river valleys), Burgas district of Bulgaria

- Training for LPA on SMW management in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine

- Seminars with schoolchildren on SMW management in the target countries

- Info days organised on SMW management in Galati county and Burgas district

- Meetings with local population from the target countries on best practices in SMW management

- Platforms to compost organic and vegetal waste in target countries of the project (1 platform for organic waste and 20 platforms for vegetal waste)

- Two conferences and study tour organised in the project