REC Moldova’s main programmes are the following:

  • Environmental Policy Programme;
  • Local Initiatives Programme;
  • Co-operation with NGOs and Local Partners Programme;
  • Information and Communication Programme.


Since 1998, REC has implemented a lot of activities within the above mentioned programmes in order to fulfill its mission. It is worth mentioning a range of projects implemented by REC Moldova, which mainly aimed to:

  • Raise public participation in environmental decision-making process;
  • Assure access to environmental information of all the environmental stakeholders of the country (state environmental authorities, local public administration, environmental NGOs, scientists, private sector, agricultural sector and large public);
  • Strengthen partnerships between all the environmental stakeholders at the local, national and regional levels;
  • Solve local, national and transboundary priority environmental problems through real actions;
  • Harmonize the national environmental legislation to the EU environmental legislation;
  • Promote sustainable development principles.